Photo of Walter F. Bobrowski

Professional Summary

Recognized technical expert in biological electron microscopy ("EM"), now retired. I am currently leveraging my extensive experience as an engaged and innovative problem solver, encompassing a broad range of computer, technical and managerial experiences to create jaw-dropping digital watercolor art from ordinary digital images.

Lakeshore Digital Art, LLC

Proud owner and the digital artist behind Ludington Michigan's newest & most unique digital art business. I'm always happy to schedule a showing of my portfolio and anticipate online ordering to be made available the summer of 2021 employing a'Print-On-Demand' service so that you get a fresh print with a fresh signature each and every time!

Digital Artistry

I am passionate about leveraging 21st century technology to turn the ordinary into extraordinary! In my role as digital artist I transform digital images through the application of numerous digital filter effects and hours of intensive digital editing to provide the look & feel of traditional paint & brush watercolors in the form of original gicleƩ prints. Check out the digital watercolor gallery on my homepage.

Digital Imaging Consultancy

I am passionate about ensuring highest quality image data! With over 37 years of professional experience, ask me how I can leverage my advanced photographic training & digital image editing skills to your image data to provide you with publication-ready images and high quality layouts from any standard source material. Pricing starts at $75.00 (USD) per individual image and includes requested overlays (text, arrows, scale bars). The final product will be in TIF file format and sized exactly per your journal specifications (column or full page). Each layout element will reside in its own layer for potential editing in Adobe Photoshop, or review by the publisher.

Key Scientific Strengths and Accomplishments

Technology Implementation

I am passionate about technology! With over 37 years experience exploring new and relevant processes and technologies for sample preparation, analysis and digital imaging supporting ultrastructural pathology research including:

  • Application of a unique studio lighting methodology and tethered photography setup to enable wet specimen imaging of exceptional publication quality combined with optimal workflow efficiency

  • Correlative light-electron microscopy (CLEM)

  • Methods of image capture and presentation of virtual wide field transmission EM

  • Considerations and methodologies for light microscopic precision protein localization via immunohistochemistry on plastic-embedded tissues

  • Methods of unbiased ultrastructural image analysis in biological tissue sections and a high interest in the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to image data

Operational Efficiency

I am passionate about efficient operations! Ask me about my experience with codifying established laborious laboratory specimen identification and tracking processes into computer algorithms for implementing a multi-user database-driven specimen system for auto-ID, tracking and reporting achieving a greater than 80% efficiency.

Investigative Strategy

I am passionate about new and exciting explorations! With 37 years of experience in biological EM, ask me how unique sample preparation and staining methodologies may aid your efforts with precision visualization and analysis of unsaturated lipids, or precision localization of proteins, in plastic-embedded tissue sections


University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science

December 1979


Lakeshore Digital Art, LLC

Owner & Digital ArtistFebruary 2020 - Present

Pure watercolor. Pure Digital. Pure Delight. Want to learn more? Contact me!


Digital ArtistMay 2019 - Present

I turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

Ludington Area School District

Bus DriverSeptember 2018 - Present

Known as "Mr. B" by the children I proudly serve in Ludington, Michigan, USA, I am committed to providing for their safety and well-being while enjoying every minute of it!

Pfizer Global Research & Development

Research ScientistJanuary 2000 - January 2018

Engaged in morphologic, molecular and analytical biological research with a focus on providing advanced electron microscopy in support of Investigative Pathology, Department of Drug Safety, within a GLP-environment.

  • Principal Scientist June 2013 - January 2018

  • Senior Scientist January 2004 - May 2013

  • Scientist December 2002 - December 2003

  • Senior Associate Scientist December 2000 - December 2002


Research ScientistMay 1987 - December 2000

Engaged in morphologic and analytical biological research with a focus on providing advanced electron microscopy in support of Investigative Pathology, Department of Drug Safety, within a GLP-environment.

  • Senior Associate Scientist April 1994 - December 2000

  • Associate Scientist (Supervisor) August 1991 - April 1994

  • Senior Assistant Scientist (Supervisor) 1990 - 1991

  • Assistant Scientist 1987 - 1990

Wayne State University

Research Assistant1980 - 1987

Engaged in the application of electron microscopy in support of investigative research into cataractogenesis within the Kresge Eye Institute (Detroit, MI, USA).

  • Research Assistant 1984 - 1987

  • Electron Microscopist 1980 - 1984